Cairon 14. To be continued. 10 textos en cadena y unas páginas en blanco

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Victoria Pérez Royo, Bojana Kunst, Cuqui Jerez, Juan Domínguez, Alice Chauchat and Mette Ingvartsen, Amalia Fernández and María Jerez, Arantxa Martínez, Loreto Martínez Troncoso, Grand Magasin (Pascale Murtin and François Hiffler)

This book is proposed as an experimental edition, determined by a working procedure rather than by a subject that would have been previously decided. We propose a system of rules, which should allow the emergence of reflection on the very process of intertextual and performative writing, in which a number of artists and theorists explore with attention the processes of contamination and and mutual influence between procedures of theory and praxis. In this edition we do not want to favour a metalanguage speaking from an exterior and superior position in relation to its object, the praxis. We therefore propose a dialogic system where each text will be understood from the perspective of the others composing this issue. The system of lecture vivante forbids the situation of domination of a discourse over the others, since they all (texts by artists, critics or researchers) can assume the role of object that generates further discourses. Language loses its status of mere transparent instrument or means of communication. Writing is not transcended by a content; rather, it is conceived of as a material instance, so that its form and composition are studied from the different perspectives offered by the different authors.

Regarding methods, this edition starts from a transfer of the choreographic praxis to the field of writing; in this sense, we organise a strict temporality at the level of text reception. Like the spectator, the final reader of this issue will be offered a sequence of texts with a predetermined order and subject to a linear temporality. The order of the reading is therefore not fortuitous, but necessary to understand the development of the proposed dialogue. This linearity, however, in no way excludes cross-references and interplays among the texts in a multidirectional way, throughout the creation of the book.


Cuqui Jerez y Victoria Pérez Royo. e-mail + Playing rules

Juan Domínguez. from the interfered to interference

Alice Chauchat and Mette Ingvartsen. 10 x 10 statements

Amalia Fernández and María Jerez. LongPlay

Arantxa Martínez. Palimpsest

Bojana Kunst. Nearness

Victoria Pérez Royo. In the margins of the road. Relationships between theory and practice

Loreto Marínez Troncoso. Puedes escuchar... (?) or In the night (could be title)

Grand Magasin (Pascale Murtin and Francçois Hiffler). The difference game

Cuqui Jerez. While I think of something else, I play with photoshop